what if

2 Words that can Transform your Health and your Life

Apparently, I was talking in my sleep last night. I don’t do that often so I was surprised.

“Really?” I asked my husband. “What did I say?”

“One word,” he said. “If.”

Well now, isn’t that something? The power of words and subconscious thoughts all together at once. Naturally, it happened when I’d been voraciously studying both.


What types of thoughts come to you when I say that tiny word? Some of us seem almost naturally drawn to use it in worst case scenarios or other anxiety related conversations. I can give some of my own non-resourceful examples just from this last week.

  • What if I don’t recover the electronic data from my failing external hard drive? (Spoiler alert: I can’t, the hard drive is bad).
  • What if the prostate cancer we discovered in this person we love is the aggressive kind?
  • What if my dog never stops having accidents and we’re forever cleaning up her anxiety related incidents?

Do you hear that? That “if” word created doubt, fear, uncertainty, and anxiety.

Now consider the opposite and more positive uses of the exact same word.

  • What if the loss of that data had some bigger purpose? (Another spoiler: it did. By losing the last two-ish years of my data and discovering the faulty hard drive, I was able to retrieve approximately 15 years’ worth of data and photos that WERE still on there BEFORE it went entirely kaput).
  • What if the prostate cancer is NOT the aggressive kind? How can we work with the extra time allotted? What might change with external situations as a result of such as harsh diagnosis?
  • What if my dogs’ anxious accidents allow me to grow in compassion for her fears instead of frustration with the extra mess and workload?

Nothing about the situations changed. Nothing. So, what stayed the same, what changed and why are they different?

In both sets of examples, I asked the question and used the words “what if.” Both times I also used my imagination to complete the sentences. Yet what changed was the intent of my imagination in those the questions.

In the first, I let fear drive my imagination. I’m becoming more and more aware of how I’ve let fear determine SO many things in my life and I’m done with it. It ends now.

In the second series, I allowed appreciation and a growth mindset drive my imagination. Is it possible that all of my worst fears will come true? Sure. It’s possible, though not likely they all will. Regardless, do I have to let those fears and anxieties take over my life?

As a Christian, I appreciate the words of Jeremiah 29:11 which says, “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’” His plans may not always make sense to me and sometimes I have to accept the fact that I simply don’t know why something is happening. But, by the grace of God, I can choose how I will respond. My choices, my curious imagination and walking with others who do the same all have the power to completely alter the trajectory of my life.

What if…..?

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Until next time…

Take Care,