getting healthy is hard and easy

5 Reasons Why Getting Healthy is Both Harder and Easier Than You Think

Have you ever had a friend tell you about the latest health trend, diet or program and rave about how it’s changed her life? I know I have. Heck. There are probably plenty of times when I’ve been that friend! Your friend starts pointing you to all the research, blogs, books, podcasts and resources to complete her preferred plan successfully. You start learning, digging deep and you go all in. You may struggle in the beginning but once you get started, you just can’t wait for the change to happen, weight to fall off, or energy to come. And then it doesn’t. You’re left perplexed and wondering “what did I do wrong?”

Did you do something wrong? Possibly. Yet it is just as possible that you did things exactly as you “should have” and didn’t get results. Why?

Reason #1: We are fearfully, wonderfully and uniquely created individuals.

Do you look like your best friend? Your neighbor? Your co-worker? The woman that lives on the other side of the world? Do you eat the same foods? Have the same genetics? Enjoy the same past times? Have the same stressors? Live in the same environment? No? How can we reasonably expect to have the same results from sharing the same food plan or exercise? While we have a lot in common, we are also unique and different in SO many ways that we fail to realize.

Reason #2: We tend to think we exercise more, eat better and rest more than we actually do.

Case in point. Years ago, I regularly stayed exhausted and fatigued. Doctors kept telling me it was because I have five young children – why wouldn’t I feel tired? That’s a bigger story for another day. That said, I decided I was going to try to track my steps because I was certain I got more than the recommended 10,000 per day. I was convinced that I spent all day on my feet caring for those previously mentioned little ones. I started tracking and to my complete shock, I was only averaging 5,000 steps! I was dumbfounded. I was seriously getting half as much exercise as I thought I was.

Reason #3: We try to “go it alone.”

2 women exercisingIt is my personal belief that we were created to be in community. I fully recognize in today’s modern overprogrammed and fast-paced environment, that is easier said than actually done. While there are some outliers who can set goals and pursue them on their own, the fact is, most of us need others to be a part of that process. Whether that is by means of accountability, coaching, problem-solving, motivation or encouragement, making change within a community is much more likely to lead to success.

Reason #4: We’ve stopped listening to our bodies and “over” listen to our minds.

Over and over and over again, I hear of women who are trusting this blog, that expert or the neighbor down the street while at the same time completely ignoring what their bodies are screaming at them. Ladies, pain is your body telling you something is not right. Are you on the latest diet and feel hungry alllll the time – listen to that! Are you trying to do the same high intensity exercise your friends are doing but your body is yearning for yoga? Notice! Have you started a pile of new supplements as recommended by your practitioner and you’re getting an upset stomach every time you take them? Don’t ignore that! No one knows your body as intimately as you do but you NEED to listen to it. You will be amazed at what you will learn when you do.

Reason #5: The problem may not be what we think it is.

Another common scenario is the woman who is convinced she needs to exercise more to lose weight. There may be some truth in that assumption. What she may be neglecting to notice is her nutrition (not just quantity but quality), her stress levels, her mindset, the amount and quality of sleep she is getting, her environment, her support system (or lack thereof), her current hormone levels and so on. Weight loss is not always as simple as getting more exercise.

Some of you all are feeling relieved right now. You’re feeling hopeful that maybe you really can change. Others of you are feeling further frustrated and overwhelmed because you’re realizing it’s not a simple as you thought. Let me assure you that it’s normal to feel either way. Would you like some clarity? Are you curious about your personal situation and how you may be able to impact your health for the better? Set up your free 30-minute Discovery Call with me today. We can chat about what your struggles and goals are, what’s worked and what hasn’t and how I can help you get where you long to be.

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