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FilicaI thought I was fairly healthy— apart from my coffee addiction. I ate decently and ran often. I just thought I was going “over the hill” at a much faster rate than most people, and was very downtrodden about the future of my quality of life. 

Terra is really brilliant, but she is so down to earth and relatable. She genuinely wants to help people. She is the first person that I call when I have any kind of medical or health concern.

Terra helped me save thousands of dollars on expensive medical procedures simply by suggesting that I change my diet. 

The changes Terra suggested have made a literal life-saving difference for me, not to mention social embarrassment. I got to where I would not go anywhere with people if food was involved— and that was pretty much every social invitation. 

I went from feeing like an eighty-year-old arthritis-riddled amnesiac back to a twenty-six year old Master’s student and runner again. It was life-altering to go from not being able to summarize a paragraph to writing 15 page papers again!

-Filicia Howard, Teacher, Texas

Jamie S"I felt pretty clueless about a lot of health stuff. I knew sugar was bad for you but didn’t realize the impact other foods like gluten could have on the body.

I love Terra’s knowledge and personal experiences that make it easier to relate to and understand. I also love that I can ask her anything, anytime, and she answers with enthusiasm as if she is thrilled to be spreading more knowledge. I appreciate feeling equipped with knowledge that I can always refer back to if any health concerns come up.

Terra helped give me knowledge and awareness regarding what I put in my body.  I have increased energy and focus, when I’m doing what I’m supposed to be. And after transforming my lifestyle, I even got pregnant after years of trying. My husband and I allow a little more splurging then we did in the beginning but we both feel healthier and have definitely had less health problems over the past couple years."

-Jamie Schiavi, Co-Owner Luke's Auto and Repair, Louisville, KY

"When I came to Terra, I was stressed and in a period of self-diagnosis (Dr. Google) that was literally driving me crazy. I was carrying more stress than I ever had and didn’t know how to handle it. It was nice to have someone who I felt cared and understood where I was coming from. It was also helpful to identify stress triggers.

I realized I needed to have medical answers not just Google. She helped me identify the most stressful parts of my day, identify the common themes and plan to work and make those times better.

Once I got a proper diagnosis via blood work with functional medicine doctor, I was able to identify my problem and then balance things out again. Having an emotional support group is helpful."

-Rebecca F, Jeffersonville, IN

Rosemary photo"Before working with Terra I was obese, always exhausted, and constantly stressed out about my health and relationships. Her honesty, enthusiasm, and knowledge were hugely helpful. She is dedicated!

I've lost significant weight (100lbs actually!), established habits that help with lowering overall stress, and have been able to maintain a better exercise routine. I have even been enjoying cooking healthy meals!"

-Rosemary Meiners, Kids Club Attendant at the YMCA, Crestwood, KY

Ashley Speer"When I found Wellness with Terra, my health wasn't terrible but I did have a few habits (sugar mostly) that I needed to change for me to really improve. I had a hard time just making the decision to do what I knew I needed to and sticking with it.

I participated in Terra’s 7 Day Healthy Habits Challenge and read the emails and Facebook group interactions. It all encouraged me by affirming healthy habits I already had and didn't think about. It also gave me new ways to think about certain areas of health as well as accountability with others in a less demanding setting.

Terra has helped me gain many new healthy meal ideas and helped me consider new ways to think about changing habits and moderation. I also realized the importance of group interactions and accountability for fun, success and encouragement

I feel more encouraged about my own capacities and have experienced increased energy and some weight loss."

-Ashely Speer, Louisville, KY

Whitney Bozarth"Terra has been a treasure of information as I've tried to understand more about my hypothyroidism and how to work with it. Also as I learn to better understand how my body works and things I can do to optimize my health. I do not love researching all the things myself, so it has been helpful to ask questions to someone I know has done a TON of research. 😉

I now have better mindfulness of what I'm eating and why -- “Is this for pleasure? Nutrition? Because I'm out of other foods?” She's helped me think through why I'm eating what I'm eating.

My depression, concentration, and energy levels have improved significantly.  I’m continuing to try to fuel my body with good foods rather than just focusing on what to avoid."

-Whitney Bozarth, Louisville, KY

Chelsi Allison"I love Terra's down-to-earth attitude. She doesn't make you feel guilty for where you are or talk above your head. She is so quick to answer questions even when they may seem silly! I was overwhelmed with taking my health into my own hands. I had never seen someone actively learning for themselves how their body works and addressing underlying issues and root causes rather than simply treating symptoms.

Terra helped me to become empowered to learn about and take care of my body.  I was encouraged by seeing someone else with a full life (such as her) still caring for her physical and emotional health. She also provided helpful tools for quick cooking! Overall, I have more tools in my tool belt to take care of myself."

-Chelsea Allison, Louisville, KY

"The information I have read & videos I have viewed have always been informative.  They have caused me to be more aware of how food can affect my overall health."

-Dianne S., Tennessee

Matt DiCapua"I have known Terra for many years now and she is our go-to source on health, nutrition, balance & life. My favorite thing about her is that she lives out her passion for wellness first and foremost in her personal life and home. She is authentic, transparent, knowledgeable and accessible. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their life."

-Matt DiCapua, Independent Insurance Agent, Louisville, KY

Beth Urban"Terra is very real, honest and not intimidating to work with.  She makes things easy to follow and implement. My health was just so-so.  I was very tired and fatigued, doing okay but no vitality and no energy.

I now have more energy, less moodiness and control of my health. I look forward to becoming more active and taking better steps to maintain my health."

-Beth Urban, Photographer, Louisville, KY

"I’m always trying new things to try to feel better...  this juicer, that vitamin, this drink.  I’ve had lots of chronic pain and fatigue for a very long time.  It’s been a path of exploration, research, discovery and trial and error. My health is improving though I still have a ways to go.  I’m working on changing habits, being bold, brave and determined to stick to what works.

Terra is life-giving.  She is super smart and thorough in her approach to everything.  She cares so deeply for her own health, her family’s health and the well being of others and her passion for what she does is so obvious.  She has integrity and she is honest."

-Gretchen Carolan, APRN, KY

Stoya"I was exhausted, stressed, overweight, eating a moderately good diet with bad portion control, and getting very little exercise.  I started watching Terra’s short videos on Facebook and I loved them. They are easy to listen to while doing other tasks. They are simple enough to understand and are applicable to my daily life

Joining her group gave me an extra push to start moving in the right direction towards a healthier me. I have reduced my portions while upping my vegetable intake. I have started going to a jazzercise class several times a week. I have lost some weight and have a little more energy.

I hope to implement more of what she’s talked about with stress. I struggle with high anxiety and I can see how it impacts my food choices and family. My health is heading in the right direction."

-Stoya, Kentucky

Kelly T"Terra is very confident and encouraging. She does the research and she’s trustworthy."

-Kelly T, Kentucky


Amanda D

"The only thing I was aware of before meeting Terra was that I had severe environmental allergies. However, in terms of food health, I ate whatever I wanted when I wanted. In terms of stress, it was so easy for me to become stressed even over small inconveniences.

Terra is a phenomenal listener, responds with thoughtfulness and even gets back to you quickly. You can tell that she has done her research, she cares, and she is easily one of the most inspirational people out there. She is great at helping you set goals and staying accountable.

Now, I think more about my daily habits (what I eat, how much I sleep, water intake, and exercise). I pay more attention to my body and I am more selective (as much as possible) when it comes to choosing a healthcare provider.

I eat a more whole food diet on a regular basis, drink more water, and prioritize sleep. My body is not perfect, but I'm actively paying attention and taking steps toward feeling better."

-Amanda D., Oncology Social Worker, NY